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Childhood obesity is becoming a major, and rising problem in mostly the western parts of the world. This is a growing concern, and must be put a stop to at an early stage before it becomes uncontrollable. There is no need to take drastic steps at once, rather take small steps and reach the final goal at a steady pace. Most children are now noticeably overweight, and this will only tend to get worse putting more and more pressure on a country’s health care towards the future years to come. Given below are a few steps that can be taken to stop child obesity.


Choice of food

There is no point in forcing children to diet, when they can only think about eating everything they see. Nothing good will ever come out of teaching children at a young age that it is required to be restricting the amount of food they take, rather the little ones should be taught to make better choices in the type of food they put into their body. Educate them, make them aware of what eating unhealthy food can cause as opposed to the healthy kind. The more aware they are, the better decisions they will be able to make.


Enjoyable activities

There is no point in forcing your child to run around the backyard to lose weight if he/she is not enjoying it. The negativity that this situation brings to their life can cause harmful effects on their mindset of exercise leading to there being no exercise even when they are older. To make the most of these activities, there is a need to select ones which the children enjoy doing. If they enjoy it, they are going to be doing more of it, thus leading to more and more weight loss over time.


Stop comparing

The biggest mistake you can do as a parent is compare your child with someone else’s. This can only lead to harmful effects on their self-esteem, and also self-confidence. If the comparisons are done in any negative way, this process will be adopted by the child even in the future to gauge their self-worth, which will only lead to the children feeling low, while thinking that they are not good enough. Always make comparisons of them to themselves. This will eventually help them grow into a better person over time.


Compliment them

Always make sure you keep complimenting your children with regards to other aspects of the lives of your children. If they play an instrument well, or is good at a sport, let them know they are good while constantly complimenting them. This will increase their self-confidence, while showing them that there are other important things to life, and that your weight does not define who you are.


Childhood obesity is an issue that you have to be concerned about, and you should take even the smallest initiative to make your children healthier than they are, for the betterment of their future.

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Even more than eating healthy itself, it is being able to maintain it when on a tight budget is what is difficult. Everything from going grocery shopping, and planning a meal becomes a rather tough challenge. So during this time you may resort to some junk food because it is cheaper, but the others who do not want to step out of that line may find it even more difficult to be on track. For those who do not want to compromise on either aspect, given below are a few ways to eat healthy and clean, while going easy on your pocket.


Seasonal food

All the beautiful, and colourful looking fresh food at the supermarket, and farmer’s market are packed with flavour and nutrients, but also come with a hefty price tag. A great alternative to this is only buying the goods that are in season, and can be found in immense amounts. These food items are usually cheaper than the others, therefore you can buy a ton of it, and then moving on to freezing it until you require it, this way you will have plenty of produce to last a while, and that too by spending the bare minimum.


Go for the sale items

There are plenty of grocery stores that offer its customers with value cards, offers, while selling a selected few of their items for discounted prices. When this is the case make sure you sign up for these, to be able to benefit from these offers from time to time. Though you may have planned out your weekly meal plan, and is shopping for it, going through this process the opposite direction will help you save more. Rather than buying to suit your plan, it is better to buy items with offers and then try and fit them into a plan.


The meat

Usually meat is expensive, but this too depends on the type of cuts. Just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to give up on eating meat, rather you can opt to resorting to buying cuts of meat that are less expensive, such as, chicken thighs as opposed to the more expensive cut, the chicken breasts. If you feel these kinds of cuts are tougher than the others, you can always change your cooking technique. The chicken thighs can be put in a slow cooker for a longer period of time to make the meat soft and fall of the bone.


Whole grains

You can switch to eating beans and also different types of whole grains. These food items being extremely healthy for you, is also rather inexpensive where large quantities can be bought for reasonable prices. Many grains such as brown rice, and quinoa are definitely a must try, and can easily be a fulfilling meal in itself.


Do not give up eating healthy because you are on a tight budget, rather make a few amends to your shopping list and you will be good to go.

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